Why we created the first carbon smartwatch

Why we created the first carbon smartwatch

Every product with the Bugatti branding is special. Just like the Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition. First, it is the only smartwatch in the world that is made from carbon. Second, it's the first limited edition Bugatti smartwatch. If that would not be special enough every watch is unique due to the pattern that is different on every single watch.

Why did we choose carbon?

For our next unique smartwatch we were looking for a material that is outstanding, lightweight and strong. No other material is linker stronger to luxury sportscars than carbon. It is light-weight while offering extreme durability. For this reason, it is used for challenging applications like the monocoque of a Formula1 car, the fuselage of a boing 787, heat shields in space crafts or the carbon chassis of the Bugatti Chiron. Carbon has a high vibration resistance and can absorb high amounts of energy in the event of an impact. This pays off both in car racing and in wristwatches. The carbon base material for the BUGATTI CARBONE LIMITED EDITION is manufactured in special Bugatti colors and CNC milled from solid. Both case and bezel are made entirely of carbon. To achieve the special look we have incorporated pigments in Bugatti blue into the carbon structure. 

How do we manufacture carbon?

Carbon is made from polyacrylonitrite. This is heated to 1300 degrees at various pressure ratios. This produces carbon fibers of almost pure carbon. These are combined into bundles and wound coils. A bundle consists of 1000-25000 individual fibers. These are combined with the respective resins to form different layers and processed into large sheets. From these plates, blocks are cut from which the respective housing is milled. For the Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition, we use the so-called autoclave technique. Curing takes place at 100-135 degrees under vacuum.

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Bugatti Smartwatches

Bugatti Smartwatches

Buenas tardes, Sr. Jiménez Zárate,
El precio del Bugatti Carbone Edición Limitada es de 2590 euros.
Reciba un cordial saludo,
Su equipo de Bugatti Smartwatches

Jorge JiménezJorge Martin Jimenez Zarate

Jorge JiménezJorge Martin Jimenez Zarate


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