Notification Settings

Please follow the instructions from the video to receive notifications on your iOS device.

Notification Settings on iOS


Notification Settings

Please follow the instructions from the video if you have problems to receive notifications on your Android device.

Android 13 - restricted Notifications

How to resolve sync problems

Most sync problems can easily be solved by turning BLE off and on again on your smartphone. If this does not work for any reason, please follow this process:

1. Delete the BLE connection in the Watch (Watch Settings > BLE> OK).
2. Remove Watch in the app
3. Delete the Watch in the iPhone/Android BLE settings
4. Add the Watch again in the Bugatti app

Change the watch strap

Please watch the video in order to learn how to change a watch strap.

How to attach a watch strap

Perform a reset

To perform a reset, you have to keep the upper button pressed for 10 seconds.

How to perform a reset

Clean contact points

To clean the contact points, please moisten a clean microfibre or cotton cloth and gently clean the affected areas.

How to clean the contacts

Battery related questions

Your battery will last up to 10 days (Bugatti Ceramique Edition One)/12 days (Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition. This, of course, depends on your usage. Please find the battery table below.

Your watch can only be connected to one device (smartphone, tablet). If you connect a second device, it will constantly try to send data to the watch. However, the watch must constantly reject these requests and thus consumes a lot of power. Please delete your watch from the BLE connection menu of your operating system (Android, iOS) on one of the two devices.


Battery time

Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition
Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition Sale price$2,099.00 USD Regular price$2,799.00 USD
display on by button click

Up to 12 days.

Up to 10 days.

display on by hand move

Up to 5-6 days.

Up to 4-5 days.

display always on

Up to 2-3 days.

Up to 1-2 days.

Watch does not charge

If your watch does not charge, please check first if your charger is plugged-in correctly.

If it is, please check if the green LED on your charger is lit.

If both apply, but your watch does not show any signs of charging, please clean the contacts on your watch and on your charger with a toothbrush and water or cleaning cloths soaked in isopropanol. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents. Do not use WC or bathroom cleaners.

How to receive the best heart rate measurement

Fit is an important factor. Here are a few general tips for getting the most accurate data possible:

  • Wear the watch about one finger length above your wrist bone.
  • Make sure there’s good contact between the sensor array and your skin.
  • Tighten the strap during exercise. You may also want to wear the device higher on the wrist. For exercises we suggest to wear the silicone strap.
  • Wipe the sensor array clean whenever it gets dirty