Bugatti Ceramique Titane Edition

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Bezel Style: Pur Sport

The Full Set contains the Super Sport, Divo, La Noire and Pur Sport bezel.

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100m/10 ATM water resistant

The Bugatti Ceramique Titane Edition smartwatch is a remarkable piece of technology that combines both luxury and functionality. With its impressive battery life, HR sensor, and traditional design, it is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a high-end smartwatch that can keep up with their active lifestyle.

Bezel Material: Zirconium Ceramic

The ceramic bezel of the Bugatti Ceramique Titane Edition is hard to scratch, lightweight, and hypoallergenic. The best choice for an outstanding smartwatch.

Watch strap material

Nylon/Silicone for maximum wearing comfort.

Housing Material: Titanium Grade 5

Titanium is a great material for watches due to its unique combination of strength, lightness, and corrosion resistance. Grade 5 is only used for premium watches dues to its higher price. It is even stronger and more scratch resistant than Titanium Grade 2.


The crystal clear 390*390 pixel AMOLED display is pleasing to your eyes. The sapphire glass protecting it makes it virtually unscratchable.

Product specification


6-axis combined accelerometer
Photoplethysmography (dual sensor)
Vibration motor
BLE 5.2


Sapphire crystal


Diameter: 46mm
Height: 14,7 mm
Weight: 105g (with nylon/silicone strap), 105g (with silicone strap)
Bezel material: Zirconium ceramic
Housing material: Titanium grade 5
Backcover material: Titanium grade 2


585mAh Lithium-ion

Depending on how you use the watch the battery time will be very different. Here are some selected scenarios:

Display Always on: 2-3 days*
Display on by handmove: 5-10 days*
Display on by button click: 7-15 days*

*please note that the use of the GPS feature significantly reduces the battery life


100 meter/10 ATM water resistant
compatible with iOS 13.0 and higher/Android 7.0 and higher
Wrist circumference: 15-20,5cm

Included in the box

Bugatti Ceramique Titane Edition

Smartwatch with Pur Sport bezel.

Wood box

Made from sustainable wood und vegan leather.

Nylon/Silicone Strap

Pur Sport

Silicone Strap

in black Silicone. Perfect for activities.

USB-C Charger

with USB-A adapter


for bezel change

Bezel Leather Case

for additional bezels


in the lid of the box.

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