Watch Updates

- Download
- Software debounces of hardware buttons do not work in all possible timing cases. Sometimes the upper button also caused an action when releasing the button.
- In rare cases alarm was not triggered at the correct time but only after turning on the display again.
- Spurious watch restarts during activity
- Acceleration test leads to restart in some situations
Sometimes a background update of the FastGPS data caused repeated restarts of the watch during an activity.
- Watch displays wrong values when changing the timezone to location which is already on the next day
- For users with am/pm time format, the alarm Screen displayed "??" instead of am/pm
- Adapt calories consumption for several HR bands
- If the watch was reset to factory default while connected to the charger, the calculation of HR, steps, and calories only started after the watch was disconnected and reconnected to the charger again.
- If the time or time zone was updated via sync from the app while swiping between screens on the watch, the watch UI would sometimes get stuck.
- If the watch was connected to an Android device as a USB Flash drive, sometimes the Android system would leave the drive in a state that the watch's internal file system check and repair mechanism could not handle. This has been fixed.
- An error in the memory management has been found and fixed, that would sometimes cause a restart of the watch.
- Sometimes the eMMC flash memory device does not respond right away or in the expected fashion. If this happened, sometimes file operations e.g. for storing the HR chart history would get stuck and freeze the watch causing a restart.
- A race hazard between setting up the USB OTG screen background and the external host taking control of the USB OTG flash drive would sometimes lead to the background of the USB OTG screen being invisible.

- When the first initialization is performed in the app while not having a connection to the watch it could happen that the setup wasn't performed correctly.

- Under certain circumstances, the HR measurement was not started for the activities of Badminton Indoor, and Yoga.
- When navigating back from a submenu you were brought to the beginning of this list instead of the part where you entered the sub-menu.
- The karate activity could not be started.
- Several consecutive Bluetooth commands to start a firmware update could require a restart of the watch.
- While the watch was on the charger, generating a calculated basal metabolic rate of calories did not work.
- Stability improvement.
- Bluetooth connection improvement.
- When switching between display contents continuously, a part of the required memory was only released after the display was turned off. Therefore, it was not possible to switch between display contents for an arbitrary amount of time without turning off the display.

iOS App Updates

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Android App Updates

- increased stability
- optimized sync process for Android 11 (for Android 12 it will come in the next update)
- optimized map download process
- Fast GPS label could be wrong
- Giving your map a name did not work in some situations
- the keyboard was not closed when clicking on the empty field in giving the map a name
- Map upload stopped when screen was locked
- The map selection from the app now has a 10 km bigger radius

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.