At Bugatti Smartwatches, we place a high value on transparency and predictability. Therefore, you can see here which new features and improvements we will be working on in the coming months. This list is largely created from our customer feedback and is regularly expanded.

June 2023 - Watch Update

- BioAge
- Music remote control
- Support for the Bugatti Ceramique Titane Edition
- New green watch face variations

April 2023 - iOS App Update

- Apple Health
- Strava integration of lap timing and acceleration

Later in 2023 - Watch Updates

- Expansion of the sleep analysis
- Dynamic notification sources
- Actions for notifications
- Send GPS tracks to watch
- QR backed initial setup
- Weather
- Calculator
- Calender Sync

Mid December - Watch Update

- Find my Phone
- Additional Watch Face: Worldtimer
- Improved Acceleration feature
- Improved Challenge feature

End of October - App update

- Map Management
- Activity Summary Sharing


Mid October - Watch & App Update

- Additional Watch Face: Slow
- Countdown timer
- Activity Sharing inside the app
- Strava integration
- optimization of the HR algorithm

08.07.2022 - Watch Update

- Japanese UI
- Additional Watch Face: Sea
- Additional Watch Face: Clock
- Bugfix for a bug that led to fast battery level decrease
- Improved BLE connection
- Chest belt recognition was improved
- Battery outline becomes red from 10% remaining charge downwards

03.06.2022 - Watch Update

- higher GPS accuracy
- Always-on display: be aware that using the always-on feature will reduce the battery time to 1-2 days and that bright sunlight might lead to display flicker. The display controller in power saving mode operates the OLEDs only with 15Hz . During a cycle, the brightness of the pixels does not remain 100% constant, but there is a darker phase for part of the cycle. Indoors, the human eye is too sluggish to perceive the resulting brightness fluctuations. In combination with the right amount of sunlight on the display, a situation can arise where the eye can perceive the flickering of surfaces.
- Japanese language support
- The colors of the Divo Watch Face were adapted
- New watch face selection
- enhanced logging feature for finding problems, that only affect a small group of customers and cannot be reproduced by our IT
- New screen for activities without GPS: the main values are enlarged and the battery level is shown
- Support for additional international special characters for notifications
- GPS signal indicator on the first activity screen
- Double tap to wake in always-on mode

16.05.2022 - App Update


- Firmware update is performed in the background
- BLE connection under Android 12 is improved
- Problems with notifications are solved
- Rounding rules that led to strange behaviour when inserting the weight in lb were updated.
- Notifications about missed calls contain caller info
- Some texts were revised
- Optimized BLE sync
- Connection issues were solved
- Maps upload bugs were fixed
- cable connection on Xiaomi smartphones was optimized
- Map upload stopped working when screen was locked
- Under certain circumstances the data from the app did not match the data from the watch
- Automatic sync only syncs small amounts of data on some smartphones
- Time stamp for Fast GPS was not correct


- the BLE search screen was updated
- The uploaded map area names can be changed by the user
- Firmware update transfer to the watch is performed in the background
- The rounding rules were optimized
- sync problems were solved
- deleting an activity did not delete the added time and data in the training report
- Sleep charts were not shown in the correct time zone
- Sync animation was optimized
- Summary used the wrong time zone in some cases
- When the internet connection was lost during a map upload an error occured

12.05.2022 - Watch Update

- Software debounce of hardware buttons does not work in all possible timing cases. Sometimes the upper button also caused an action when releasing the button.
- In rare cases alarm was not triggered at the correct time but only after turning on the display again.
- Spurious watch restarts during activity
- Acceleration test lead to restart
Sometimes a background update of the FastGPS data caused repeated restarts of the watch during an activity.
- Watch displays wrong values when changing the timezone to location which is already on the next day
- For users with am/pm time format, the alarm Screen displayd "??" instead of am/pm
- Adapt calories consumption for several HR bands