Strava Connection


1. Open Bugatti Smartwatches App

Unlock your mobile phone and open the Bugatti Smartwatches App. Then navigate to the user menu (lower right corner).


Within the Bugatti Smartwatches App navigate to the user menu and click on "Account".

Open Apps and Services

Under the "Apps and Services" section you will find "Strava". Please click on this item.

Connect Strava

On this screen, please click on the "Connect now" button.


2. Connect to Strava

In this step you are redirected to the Strava website and are asked to connect your Strava account to Bugatti Smartwatches.

Login to Strava

Use the login method that you used when you set up your Strava account initially.


Authorize Bugatti Smartwatches to send data to your Strava account.


3. Check status and disconnect

Check Status

When you click on the Strava connection within your Bugatti Smartwatches App you will see the status. You are also able to stop sharing data with your Strava account.


4. Configure Strava to display Heart Rate Charts

Go to Strava website

Go to the Strava website. Login with your account and navigate to the "Data Permissions" page. Click "Allow Access" to display heart rate charts.

Check Status

After you allowed access you will see this on the website by displaying the green tick with "You have allowed access".